Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting | NO SUGAR, Healthy!

These vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting are a perfect summer treat – fruity, beautiful and healthy!
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Summer fruit season has strated and in celebration I made these very summery looking cupcakes!
When it comed to desserts cupcakes are the full experience. And these ones are with airy vanilla base, strawberry jam, cream cheese frosting, sweet and tart strawberry sauce and fresh strawberry on top. All healthy, with no sugar!
I tried this frosting with white chocolate and I didn´t like it. Chocolate didn´t hide the taste of coconut so there where to many flavours going on. Cream cheese hides the taste of coconut and it tastes more like traditional frosting which I like.
I love baking with summer fruit, and I am looking forward to baking more this summer. But for now, this will be my go-to dessert also guilt free and delicious!


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